Monday, April 30, 2012

Documentary Conventions to be Implemented in the Animation

 ‘legitimate’ representation of reality
Yes, although with a deeper subjective, perception.

 indexical quality of images

Yes, maps, television footage, personal interview footage

 referential quality of sounds

Sound connected both to the interview itself and supporting the statements and experiences of the interviewee

 naturalistic lighting and sound

Hand held camera footage of interview and paint on glass.

 functional, unobtrusive, unfettered editing

Smooth transitions between scenes, contrasted with stark harsh rigidity of soldier/interrogator scenes

 sense that the film provides a window in to
  some aspect of social or historical reality

Contemporary issue, the world is not safe for the foreign traveller, experiences reflect that. see:

 use of archival footage of varying qualities

Yes, home interview, maps and T.V

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