Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roots of Influence

The greatest influence in my stylistic direction is the work of Jan Švankmajer. His work reflects centuries of skilled Czech animation and puppetry. His works are surreal, innovative, experimental with forms and materials. He has not being afraid in his life to delve into many different materials, and animation techniques to present ideas.

Jan Svankmajer - Dimensions Of Dialogue

Jan Svankmajer - The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia

He has influenced other contemporary animators who have inspired innovators The Quay Brothers. The Quay Brothers have influenced me most in exploration of space.

"We Realized that with puppets and objects an entire universe and above all, an exploration of space could be created at the level of the tabletop. This provided us with an intimate theater, a tight collaboration between the two of us, a learning of all metiers and exploration of all their potentials."

Quay Brothers' correspondence with Chris Robinson

Quay Brothers - 1984 - The cabinet of Jan Svankmajer

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