Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I wasn't sure whether I was going to introduce the subject visually in my piece. However upon looking into rotoscoping techniques and partially inspired by "A Scanner Darkly".

And "Waking Life".

Here is an example of rotoscoping an image of the subject. I find it emphasises and deepens his expression, bringing the atmosphere of his emotions to the surface of the image.

I e-mailed my lecturer and she advised that I would need plenty of audio and visual archival material to support and give authority to my piece. My piece focuses on the narration of the subject and images drawn to support this narration. But I feel that introducing the narrator in an animated context, may better link what he is saying to what is being presented.

 In fact I have some ideas of how he might be introduced as actually having a hand in the animation. Therefore directly linking his account to the production, verifying validity and authenticity.

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