Friday, April 13, 2012

Ideas and Materials

I have started to make a visual diary, although disorderly and chaotic, I hardly want my work to be orderly and transitionally linear. That is not the way we recall memories or experiences, otherwise how would we gauge the impact they have on our lives. The first recording although workable, my subject wishes to do a more comprehensive recording, so I have booked out some equipment and plan for an interview next Thursday.

I plan on drawing some parameters of what the subject should talk about, however ethically I have given the subject a promise of seeing the transcript and listening to his own recording before we go ahead. Also I have used some images to give him a picture of what it may look like and promised a final copy for himself.
I plan for the piece to be broken into five parts, each part covered in 1-2 minutes. They are based on the environments the subject passed through. Firstly bus and checkpoint, secondly military holding, third the first interrogation facility, fourth the second more secured interrogation and torture facility, lastly the old British converted prison.

Materials I plan to use are acrylic paints, modelling clay, coarse texture gel, wire, various metals, painted and unpainted brick, silhouette puppets and rice paper, wood and cloth materials of different thickness's and colours, water and flakes of rust, possibly dead insects. I need to use a lot of back lighting and small leds to created dark contrasts creating internal and external environments. A multi plane set up is certainly a consideration.

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