Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sound scape and Narration

I am interested in blending the animation between a sound scape and the voice of the narrator/subject, much like the work of Samantha Moore, although darker, and more focussed on developing environment. sound scape, rather than ideas. I really like Samantha Moore's work and appreciate her work, her work is strongly emotive and the animations and sounds really support her voice narrations and the pace of her documentaries. For my piece I take influence from her ability to connect sound track with voice narration and animation, but I choose to focus on developing spaces and also reflecting animated environmental sound scape.

Samantha Moore, Doubled up

3D City Sound Scape

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  1. I definitely understand what it is to be a failed composer. I consider myself to be a visual mostly kinaesthetic learner. In the early 2000s I studied music, I still can't read music to this day, but I did fairly well and even manage to compose something, not in notation of course. Numbers to me are a barrier, I can not grasp them, they miss a logic that storytelling has for me. The Quay Brothers also consider themselves:

    "failed composers. What we try to do is create a visualization of musical space - we want you to hear with your eyes and see with you ears. It's like saying, What kind of décor, in what parallel world, would evoke that music?"

    Nichols Goodeve, "Dream Team," 83.

    However, I don't see "music" fitting my documentary rather atmosphere, background and the disharmony unnatural sounds of isolation. Irregular pulses, bodily movements, hard objects bashing forging objects in hot softened objects in furnaces.